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There are many landscape designs and fixtures you can install in your yard to set your home apart from neighboring properties. Unfortunately, once winter begins and the snow starts falling those features get covered up and your yard looses it’s natural beauty and visual impact.

Luckily, there are some outdoor installations that provide a visual appeal all year round. Wooden garden features like gazebos, trellis and lattice add a look and feel that works in all four seasons. Add landscape lighting for a cheerful welcome home during the dark winter months.


Here are some popular options when installing a wooden garden feature on your property:

Terraces: These fixtures are basically outdoor rooms where you can entertain, have a meal and relax in the great outdoors with family and friends, or all by your lonesome for some peace and quiet.

Technically speaking, a garden terrace is an area with a raised gravelled or paved base that overlooks a man-made or natural feature such as a body of water, statues or a well groomed garden. Of course wooden deck-like bases are also a viable option.

Terraces are most often open-air with one or no side walls and no ceiling.

A well-placed and well-designed terrace helps create a bridge or transition between the hard architecture surfaces and materials of your home with the more natural elements of your property.

These outdoor fixtures top the popularity list as the perfect marriage between affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Gazebos: Number two on our list, Gazebos add an element of romance and elegance to any property. Most people are familiar with some form of gazebo but for the uninitiated they are freestanding structures with a roof connected to a raised platform or stage-like base with open walls on all sides.

In some instances these mini-buildings are affixed to a garden wall but in all cases they provide shade, shelter and an ornamental look and feel to you yard.

Generally gazebos are built with wood, traditionally hardwoods, to ensure long life and durability. These days pressure treated woods have started to take over as the go-to options for gazebos for their dual characteristics of affordability and durability.

Garden Walls and Fence Lines: Another top-of-mind wooden garden feature to round out our list is garden walls and wooden fence lines. These simple yet beautiful outdoor constructs help to frame your property and it’s areas of interest while adding a natural element that is pleasing to the eye.

As with all the features on our list, garden walls and fence lines are most often made with wood and can include sections of trellis and lattice for added detailing.

All of these wooden garden features can be used on their own or in tandem depending on the size and layout of your property and make great frames for vines, and hanging fixtures like planters and bird feeders.

Other wooden garden options:

  • tree-lined driveway
  • walking paths
  • outdoor kitchen/bbq area
  • firepit
  • elegant garden shed
  • fancy tree/playhouse for kids
  • and more…

For more wooden garden feature ideas, designs and general landscaping needs contact Cedargate Landscaping. We’ve served the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and Georgetown areas of Ontario with pride since 1991.

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