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Even though your landscaping might still be under snow, it’s never too early for you to get your 2015 landscaping planning underway. As you think more about changes that you would like to make, here are the top six trends in landscaping for 2015 that you can easily incorporate into your landscape design.

Backyard landscape design Native Plants. Increasingly landscaping is incorporating native plants because native species are adapted to grow well in their own regions. These plants serve an additional purpose of using landscaping to provide food, water and shelter for migrating birds, bees, and butterflies. Planting native species like milkweed, for example, will bring the monarchs to your yard. And the more native plants in your landscaping, the more pollination that will occur, leaving you with less work to do.
Environmental Sustainability. For some time, now, landscaping has developed alongside low maintenance and environmentally friendly practices. With gardening practices like using environmentally sound fertilizers, soil mixtures, and pest control and now commonplace. Environmentally sustainable practices this year will continue to be applied to other areas of landscaping, like conserving water and lighting. Solar lighting is increasing in popularity, and an excellent choice for lighting up walkways, pools, and gardens.
Edible Gardens. The buy and eat local trend has crossed over into edible gardens that incorporate edibles – like popular organic herbs used in mixed drinks like mint for a mojito, fruits and vegetables – and ornamentals into visually stunning landscaping. Gone, now, are the straight lines and sharp corners of the minimalist garden; rather, curved pathways made of rock and stone or wood now shape the spaces between edible beds and gardens.
Outdoor Rooms. The trend toward outdoor living spaces that make for an indoor/outdoor flow is growing. Brilliant designs include stone countertops and other elements that incorporate natural materials like locally sourced wood, and gorgeous and functional furniture fabrics. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are treasured and trending because they add depth and warmth to backyard landscapes.
Water features Water Features. With today’s water features, sustainability combines with sophisticated design to create functional and beautiful water features for any landscape. Fountains can copy the classic lines of Roman architecture, or take on a more angular feel, whereas wall fountains provide a space-saving option. Other popular water features include ponds with stylistic ornaments, Koi fish, smooth stones, and underwater pots.
Planting for Privacy. Backyard gardens and outdoor kitchens have led to the current trend of using plants to create private and intimate spaces. For a simple fix of planting container plants on the deck, to ivy or other climbing plant on a fence, these natural screens are intended to screen off areas. More ambitious privacy screens are constructed by planting shrubs, trees and perennials in the back of the property to create a buffer zone that also functions like a destination garden, too.
However you choose to incorporate these six trends of native plants or edible gardens, environmental sustainability or privacy planting, water features or outdoor rooms, landscaping experts can help you think through your design. Please contact us to discuss your plans for landscaping 2015.

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