Invest in Your Backyard to Create a Weekend Getaway

by | Nov 27, 2013

Invest in Your BackyardWhen the weekend comes, would you rather spend Friday evening stuck in stop-and-go traffic for hours until you finally arrive at a remote cabin or simply walk into your backyard, which has been transformed into a comfortable retreat designed to ease your stress and lure you into a state of relaxation?

While many people feel the need to escape the city and suburbs every weekend that they can, more and more people are realizing that a custom getaway can be created in their own backyard for a cost much lower than a typical cottage.

The Cost of Owning a Cottage

Purchasing your own weekend cabin or cottage is an expensive investment. A waterside property in Ontario can easily cost in the range of $400,000 – $600,000. In addition, there will be maintenance costs, which are frequently underestimated.

Think about the money and time you spend maintaining your primary home. With two homes, you will double that amount.-not to mention, you may end up spending much of your weekend away doing maintenance and repair chores. Consider the amount of work it takes to get the whole family packed and in the car, the stress of the drive to cottage country, and the stress of the rush back into the city to start of the work week tired from your travels.

If you already own a cottage, you know all of this. It might be time to sell and invest back into your primary property- investments in landscaping are commonly recouped in whole when a house is sold.

Setting a Landscape Budget

Setting a Landscape BudgetWhen you decide to invest in your yard and home, how much money should you set aside for that big landscaping project. The American Society of Landscape Architects states that 10 percent of a home’s value is a good minimum budget for the landscape. If that seems like a lot, compare it to the cost of buying a vacation cabin- landscaping is more affordable, and if designed correctly, should be utilized every day in the pleasant months.

Improving your landscape will make everyday life more enjoyable.

Resale Benefits

When selling a house, it is the landscape that makes the first impression for buyers as they arrive. Add in a fabulous backyard for entertaining and relaxing to create one of those homes that sells within days of going on the market. Whatever you budget for landscaping, it will be exceeded by the value a new backyard adds to your property.

Over the years Cedargate has been in business, we’ve received numerous calls from past clients stating that the landscaping is what sold their old house (and asking us to come touch up the landscaping on their new house, of course!).

Why Not Take Advantage of The Outdoor Space That You have Already Paid for?

Outdoor SpaceWhat do you do for relaxation and fun when you are on vacation?

If you enjoy casual cooking and dining, build an outdoor kitchen and dining patio. An outdoor spa or hot tub makes for a relaxing and romantic evening under the stars. If you and the kids like to swim, why not have an outdoor pool installed? Set aside a quiet corner of the yard for a hammock or a fire pit with a few comfortable lounge chairs. The right landscaping or fencing can provide all the privacy you want for a backyard retreat. All of these popular cottage activities can be brought into your backyard- utilizing outdoor space that you have already paid for when you purchased your home.

You can also plan ahead for changing interests and needs as your children get older. Gates and fences can be removed; play areas can be exchanged for spaces for entertaining or relaxing.

An experienced and talented landscape designer can help turn your backyard getaway ideas into reality. Don’t hold back on describing your ideal family retreat when you start the planning process. Think big; a good design and landscape team can balance your goals and your budget to make your home landscape more beautiful, functional and fun. Instead of spending your Friday evenings smelling exhaust fumes on the freeway while impatiently waiting to get to your cabin, imagine yourself in your backyard, enjoying a glass of wine with the pleasant scent of dinner cooking on the grill.

There are ways that you can build your backyard getaway for less- read our pat blog here for tips on How to Get Your Landscaping Right the First Time (and reduce future costs).
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