Why You Should Research Your Landscape: Ignorance is Not Bliss!

Landscaping Services Landscape nightmares do exist. Perhaps you have seen them for yourself or you have heard about them through acquaintances; whichever way you have come to know about theses horror stories, you need to make sure that they don’t happen to you.

Whether you are planning to improve your landscaping for aesthetic reasons or if you just want to enjoy more of nature around you, it is imperative that you do your research to find the best landscaper in your area to do the job correctly. Without the proper research you may just end up hiring a landscaper who will turn your landscaping dreams into a nightmare. We have heard the adage that “Ignorance is Bliss” but in many cases ignorance can end up costing you a whole lot of money for nothing. This is why it is so important to hire a reputable landscape company who will do the job right in the first place.

Flooding YardThere are many things that can turn your landscaping dreams into a nightmare but here are 10 of the most common mistakes made.

Neglecting to Set a Proper Budget
Using Sub-Standard Materials
Using Inexperienced Workers
Purchasing Invasive Plants
Purchasing the Wrong Type of Plant, Flower or Tree for the Designated Spots Requirements (Sun or Shade)
Placing the Shrubs, Trees etc. in a Poor Location Such as Too Close to a Wall or Driveway. (You will need to be aware of its height and width when it matures in order to prevent any structural damage etc.)
Not Taking Your Particular Climate into Consideration. (You will need something that stands up to the four seasons in Ontario.)
Improper Irrigation
Overcrowding. Planting Too Close Together Without Allowing the Room to Grow Properly.
Failing to Get Referrals and References Regarding the Landscaping Company You Use.


Backyard landscape designOne of the first things you can do when trying to find a reputable landscaper is to ask around town. Check out the properties of those around you and check out the landscaping of those in your surrounding area. When you see something you like you can easily ask them which contractor they used and how did they find their experience.
Another way to find a good landscaper is to check on the Internet about Landscaping companies in your area. Check their website and see if they have any online reviews. You can find out a lot about a company by reading any reviews you can see online.
Are they a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? Better Business Bureau? Landscape Ontario?
When speaking with them can they provide you with at least 3 references that you could call or contact?
Can you speak with the owner directly or will you need to go through a middle-man all of the time?
Do they have any type of certification or memberships that you can verify?
Do they carry the correct insurance to work on your property? Examples are Business insurance and WSIB Clearance.
Always be sure that you are informed before making any decisions regarding your landscaping and get a written estimate of how much it will cost before you start your project.

If you refuse to do your due diligence when it comes to choosing a good landscaper your yard will definitely get the attention of your friends but it may not be the attention you were seeking. Curb appeal does matter for better or for worse. Give your neighbours something good to talk about?

Don’t let your landscaping dream become a nightmare: Landscape with confidence. Call us today to talk about your landscaping project.

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