Preparing Your Property for a Long Winter

by | Nov 20, 2014

It may be cold, it may be wet, it may make it impossible to sit outside and enjoy some quiet contemplation or backyard barbecues, but winter still has its moments of beauty – and your outdoor landscape lighting can help enhance that. Upgrading your landscape lighting should be done with a degree of care and caution, and a professional landscaper can be immensely useful here.


Just because the season of the great outdoors is over doesn’t mean the world beyond your walls can’t still be a pretty picture to look at.

A properly maintained, well set-up landscape lighting system can be the perfect complement to softly falling snow and a calm, peaceful winter’s night. You may find yourself in the exact same position as you would on a summer evening: sitting calmly in an easy chair, chatting with friends and family or enjoying a nightcap on your own, staring at the serene scenery of your perfect backyard. Sure, you may be inside instead of outside, but when the weather’s right, a cozy fire and a cup of hot chocolate counts for the same as a cool breeze and a glass of lemonade. Don’t settle for staring at wallpaper or watching reruns all winter – prepare your landscape lighting and enjoy the contrast of white vs. green.


It may be easy to forget when you’re going for pure ambiance, but an outdoor lighting system can highlight the unique look and architecture of your home when darkness falls. There’s something special about a quiet, dark snowfall or clear, cold night, and good lighting can really help you bring out the beauty of your home, so consider creating a system that emphasizes its one-of-a-kind colour and design.


The beauty of winter and your home aside, it’s also a season of slips and falls, and a good lighting system can help prevent accidents and injuries on your property. Despite the fact that many of us would prefer not to venture outside again until the first signs of spring, a decent setup to help light paths and icy spots is a perfect reason to ensure you’ve got good landscape lighting, so make sure you’ve got a system that creates good visibility all year round.


All of this may have helped you see the idea of a winter landscape project in a new light (pardon the pun), but remember that colder weather comes with the potential for problems with electrical systems. Before you set up a landscape lighting system for winter, make sure you check all of your wires and connections. You may even want to bring in a professional electrician to look at it – it’s expensive, but worth it to prevent any issues that pop up unexpectedly when the frost falls.

Winter can be a depressing, nasty time that has us longing for the days of green leaves and bright sunshine, but it’s beautiful nonetheless, and a good landscape lighting system can help bring out that beauty – not to mention that of your yard and home while keeping your property safe. Contact us to get your landscape lighting ready for winter and see the difference it can make.

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