Should You Get Your Garden Ready for Winter?

by | Oct 10, 2014

Nobody likes to face the fact that summer has pretty much come to an end. Once we get an initial taste of those seemingly endless hours of sunlight, those lazy days on the beach and calm nights in the backyard, we hope it’ll stick around forever – but at some point we need to put the shorts and sandals away and start to make preparations for the cold and wet days of winter.

Part of that process consists of ensuring every inch of your carefully tended garden is good to go by the time the weather turns and the leaves start to fall. Some homeowners neglect this practice, choosing to simply stop the usual routine of caring for their greenery when winter starts to rear its ugly head – an unfortunate decision, because the fact is, it’s essential to take the time to ready your garden for the frost. Here are some reasons why.


Neglecting the process of winterizing your garden means you can more or less say goodbye to that beautiful greenery when the snow begins to melt and spring shows up. Your plant’s survival over those cold and dark months is largely dependent on you helping them get ready for the change of seasons, and doing so can help you make a smooth transition from staring out your window at a wall of white to getting back in the swing of things and tending to your garden with ease. You love your plants, so be sure to show them by making sure they’re ready for winter.


Your plants aren’t the only thing you’ll lose if you fail to prepare them for the season of snowfall. Chances are you don’t want a dead and decaying garden to display to your neighbours next spring, so if you’re neglectful and your plants end up dying over the winter months, you’ll be looking at a few costly trips, as you’ll need to pay for a fresh round of replacements when it’s time to tend to your greenery again. Spare yourself the unpleasant financial surprise and take the proper steps.


Very beautiful Japanese garden with maples of three colors at fall

Think of the difference between seasonal maintenance and building a whole garden from start to finish. We’ve already gone over how not preparing your landscape for winter will cost you your plants and a significant chunk of change, but it’ll also take up time you probably don’t want to spend labouring in the hot sun – especially if you could have avoided said labour by making sure everything is in line come autumn. Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy your garden from a lawn chair with a glass of fresh lemonade, rather than cursing at it from under a sun hat?

Finally facing the fact that summer has gone away and won’t be back for eight or nine months is never easy, and shutting down the things that remind us of the season of warmth and relaxation often makes it even more difficult. But taking these steps to ensure your garden is ready for winter means you’ll be able to enjoy next year that much more, so be sure to get to work before it’s too cold and those first snowflakes start to fall. Or give us a call if you prefer to have an expert take care of your winter garden preparations.


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