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Many people think of summer as the prime – often only – time for any form of gardening. It’s not difficult to see why – sun hats, gardening gloves and the roster of tools used for digging and planting are usually associated immediately with the months of June – August, not a day before or after. And while it’s true that the majority of the work is done during the summer months, the fact is that there are plenty of goods you can plant at certain times throughout the summer and up to and throughout the fall that would constitute a fall vegetable garden.

What goods, exactly? Before we get into that, you’ll want to heed this crucial piece of advice: you need to find out when the first frost in your area is expected. This will help you understand exactly when to plant, depending on what you choose to create, and will ensure that the process results in a fresh, delicious crop.

So, let’s begin! If you’re ready to expand your horticultural horizons this autumn, take a look at some of these suggestions.

Arugula: Plant 21 – 40 days before (baby or mature leaf size)
Bush Beans: About 60 days (it’s suggested you have insulating fabric ready in case of early cold weather)
Broccoli Raab: About 40 days
Cucumbers: Bush type rated 60 days
Daikon: 60 days
Kale: 60 days, 30 if it’s a baby green
Lettuce: About 30 days to first cutting
Mustard Greens: About 45 days
Turnips: 40 – 50 days, but slower for greens or rutabaga (90 days)

Again, keep in mind that while these timelines are more or less fixed suggestions, when you get started on your own fall garden will depend entirely on the area in which you live and when the first frost is expected. You can give us a call to talk about some of these factors so you don’t end up planting anything too early or too late.


Gardening is a wonderful summer activity. It gets us out in the sun, it’s relaxing – even therapeutic – and it allows us to enjoy the fine offerings of nature, literally in our backyard. It also allows us to create something of our own, making it all the more satisfying when we put the plants on display or decide to add the vegetables to a meal.

Planting a fall garden can be a fun project that not only helps you focus the energy you put into gardening on a specific project, but also gives you something to look forward to when autumn rolls around. You’ll be able to keep your mind off the cooling weather by getting creative with what you’ve planted and pulled from the ground, adding it to various meals to share with friends and family.

There’s also a certain degree of excitement in the amount of choice you have here: you can research which vegetables should be planted when and pick from a list of your favourites or decide to try something new. You’ve got a big, blank slate from which to choose, and hey – for anything you don’t plant in this year’s fall garden, there’s always next year!

Most of us associate gardening with the summer, but fall is the fun part because you can work less and enjoy the results of your hard work and labour more. Take a look at the list above and see which vegetables you’d like to plant in your yard before the first frost! Give us a call today to talk about some of the other veggies that could make a great addition to your fall vegetable garden.

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