Thank you so very much for Cedargate Landscaping’s work to our front yard this spring.

While we knew last fall that we had a challenge ahead, we felt completely defeated when the snow melted this year. Our lawn had been decimated by insects, our flower bed was overgrown and unruly in spots, and bare in others as we’d lost plants over the winter. We were anxious to get things fixed!

Of the three contractors we called, you were the first to respond and within the same business day. Of the quotes and suggestions we received, yours both matched what we needed and wanted and were surprisingly affordable.

Cedargate Landscaping started the job within one week of hire, and finished within two days, much earlier than we expected. The design was perfect – pleasing to the eye and accessible for upkeep – and the quality was excellent, completed without disruption to our neighbours and with thorough clean up. Your on-site and administrative staff were pleasant and personable, and the post-work follow-up ensured our satisfaction. We also appreciated your attention to fine details, such as correcting wobbling stones in existing work, and that the job was delivered within the budget quoted.

We’ve received numerous compliments on our front yard from neighbours and visitors. Truly, Cedargate Landscaping satisfied and surpassed all of our expectations. We are happy to recommend your work to others, and to serve as a reference at any time.

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