Protect Your Plants From Severe Temperature Changes

by | Apr 12, 2012

So far this year we have seen drastic temperature changes. Unseasonably warm March days where the temperature hovered in the mid-20s sent the signal to many plants and trees that spring was here. These plants may have started to bud or even bloom, only to be damaged by the drastic drop in temperature that followed in early April.

Newly budding plants can be damaged or even killed by a spring freeze. In addition to cold temperatures, these plants can be hurt by cold wind (which dehydrates plants) and cold soil (which can damage root systems).

5 Tips to Protect Your Plants from Spring Frost

Being aware of the temperature and weather is an important way to help keep your trees, plants and garden healthy. You can also increase insulation and make sure that there is enough moisture to help your plants stay hydrated. In addition to these basic rules, follow these tips to help protect your plants from major temperature changes and spring frost:

  1. Frost damage can occur even when the temperature is a few degrees above freezing, so keep your eye on the temperature and protect your plants with insulating covers, like a sheet or frost cloth
  2. Use a framing system to prevent your frost cloth from lying directly on your plants and secure the cloth on the ground so there are no spaces that heat can escape from
  3. Keep your gardens evenly watered, even in low temperatures. Well hydrated plants are better able to survive a frost
  4. Mulch is a great insulator. Use mulch to prevent the soil from absorbing too much heat in the day and releasing it too quickly at night
  5. Freezing and melting throughout the winter can cause a condition called soil heaving that pushes roots to the soil’s surface. Protect your perennials by applying a thick layer of mulch at the beginning of winter. Pull the mulch back from the crowns of the plants to prevent rotting when the temperature gets warmer. If a frost is expected recover the crowns at night to keep them warm

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