4 Ways to Ensure You Get Your Landscaping Right the First Time

Many people are unsure how to start home landscaping improvements. They may have some ideas about what they would like, but don’t know if they can afford it. They might end up hiring an inexpensive contractor/handyman to do one or two small projects, or attempt for complete a project on their own, only to end up unsatisfied that their landscape is not what they envisioned.

If you want to improve your home landscape, it makes sense to do it right the first time. If you try to get away with a cheap job, you will almost certainly spend much more in the long run repair, replacing and re-doing.

Landscaping can be expensive, but should be looked at as an investment- not as something to skimp on. Here are the 4 things to ensure you have in place before starting out a project- following this approach can save you thousands over the years.


Your first step should be to find a professional landscape designer that can create an overall landscape plan, sometimes called a master plan, for your property. Even if you know you cannot afford to redo the entire landscape at once, it makes sense to plan for your yard as you would ultimately like it to be. That way each individual project, no matter how small, can be a step toward a landscape that meets all of your needs.

Rather than looking to work with someone who will provide the lowest possible price, choose a landscape contractor that will work with you over time to bring your overall plan to reality in stages. For example, this year, you get your new patio, next, you get newly designed gardens, and the year after, the connecting walkway. This way, your budget stays in control, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality (and re-do the job a few years later).


Some homeowners, believing that it may give them more bargaining power, hold back from sharing their real budget. In reality, this just makes the process more difficult for everyone.

No matter if it is large or small, knowing your true budget helps us accurately plan the best landscape for your home. Almost every landscape plan is implemented in phases. Knowing the budget enables us to work with you in developing priorities and a staged plan that matches your budget.


Many people feel they should wait until the kids get older or some other situation changes before they start planning and building their landscape. The truth is, your outdoor space can be made to work better for your lifestyle, whatever that entails.

Instead of delaying your project, work with a contractor to plan for changing needs. The playground for young kids can be adapted into an outdoor fire pit for teens (and adults) to gather around. Fences or hedges can separate a dog run from where kids will be rolling around on the lawn. There many creative ways to modify landscapes so they serve multiple purposes over time.

Part of the fun for our full-service landscape team is that every project and landscape is different. We enjoy creating plans and spaces that are specifically designed for your budget, your yard and your family. Working with the best design and installation people means that your first landscape project will be done right and that you will still be enjoying it many years and landscape projects later.

If you think you might be ready to start taking full advantage of your outdoor space, contact us today for a consultation.

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