Ideas for Your Backyard Design

Coming up with that perfect backyard design for the unique conditions and settings on your property can be achieved with some planning, introspection and the guidance of a quality consultant. It all starts with you and your home so let us begin with that.

The biggest determining factor in the design process are that physical features of your home. If you have natural streams, large hills, a sweeping view, preexisting features you want to keep, or a small and limited space these will all dictate the design. Going against your natural physical features will never yield you the best design unless you are willing to drastically alter the area around your home.

With this in mind I would then consider creating a focal point that plays to the strengths considered above. If you have a water feature a gazebo next to it can make for a focal point. A depression in the ground can lend itself to a new pool or pond being installed with less work. Above all, figure out what your outdoor space is for, eating, swimming, cooking, relaxation or visual enjoyment and design your focal point around that theme.

Did you enjoy your last vacation? Do you have a favourite destination? Why not bring some of that home and enjoy a vacation at home anytime you want. With the rising cost of gas and travel this can be a way to take a quick weekend ‘trip’ without ever leaving your home!

The overall colour of your design, the textures involved and the materials used should be varied and unique. Why have the same home everyone else has? Being unique will make you feel like you are really home, rather than over at the Joneses next door if they have the same design.

To get your idea off the ground, the paper, or out of your head you can contact us today for a design consultation!

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