A Patio Builders’ Planning Tip Sheet

As a company in the business of building patios for people all around the Oakville, Ontario area we have found a few simple design tips that should work for anyone as they plan their patio. Following a few of these should help turn those ideas into something solid you can present at one of our no obligation design consultations. The more ideas you have ready to present to us the closer you’ll get to having the perfect backyard you’ve always wanted.

Easy to clean

The first consideration is a practical one. If you have a deck and patio space that is difficult to clean you spend time cleaning when you could be relaxing! This is something that gets lost in the grandest designs. Remember that you want to relax, not create more work for yourself!

Complement the house

Choose colours and design ideas that mimic your home. If your home is of a classic style with lots of brickwork take that and extend it to your backyard design. We’re not just talking about function here in this article, we’re also talking about curb appeal! A house that looks good has a patio that matches, not clashes.


Position the patio on a southeast or southwest side of your home. This will give it plenty of sun without making it too hot in the summer. To add a bit more use to the patio include a roof or partial cover so you can still get out there on the hottest days, or when it rains. The patio at my grandfathers home had a partial cover and we loved going out on it during thunderstorms. We could feel the fury of the wind, but none of the rain!

Size does matter

If you plan on including a table and four chairs for meals you’ll need at least a 10 foot by 10 foot space. If you want to include more than just a table and four chairs you will have to expand upon that. Determine what furniture you want to put out and design a space large enough to accommodate not only them, but the space needed to walk around without feeling like you’re in an obstacle course!

Once you have these ideas ironed out, or even if you don’t and could use the help, contact us today for a consultation!

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