The Four Aspects of Backyard Landscaping Design

by | Nov 22, 2012

Beginning the planning of your backyard landscaping project, either with a professional or on your own, can break down into 4 basic categories. Knowing what they are can help you build your design and give you a greater overall sense of what it is you want to build and how to do so. Those 4 aspects are: hardscaping, softscaping, wooden structures and lighting.

Hardscaping includes all of your hard surfaces that are made from poured concrete, patio stones, flagstone, or asphalt. This would be your walkways, patios, driveways and any other structure that is cemented to the ground. These aspects of your design provide a structure like a skeleton on which you can build the rest of your design. Getting these sorted out first is a good step to take.

Softscaping refers to all aspects of landscape architecture that deals with plants. This can be trees, grass and the soil it grows in, your garden and shrubs. Knowing where to plant these different types of plants is vital to their growth. This is where a professional comes in very handy, they will help you grow the best possible plants that you can by properly locating them on your property.

This step may not be for everyone, but planning your wooden structures can be that final touch that draws attention to a focal point. This can be a gazebo, arbours, and Perogolas. Less dramatically this can also include the time to plan for a garden shed.

How you light all of this can be simple enough, it will be a matter of properly positioning your lights to create dramatic accents and highlights. It will also serve to illuminate nighttime gatherings at your home. If parties at night are a big part of what you want to do with your space then plan for this early in your backyard designing process.

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