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Selecting the right flowers is a key element of Fusion landscaping. The name itself just sounds super-cool.

And in reality, fusion landscaping is super-cool.

Fusion landscaping is all about taking traditional approaches, like…

  • Planting colourful plants and flowers
  • Enhancing your garden with lush foliage
  • Organizing your garden layout

…and fusing them with a modern and innovative design to create a unique landscape design of hardscaping, textures and eco-friendly plant life.

In other words, it’s about fitting your garden into your property’s natural shape, slope and contours – and not trying to modify your property to fit your garden.

Fusion landscaping is all about using the natural contours of your property FUSION LANDSCAPING VS. TRADITIONAL LANDSCAPING
Traditional landscaping

While traditional landscaping does have its benefits, there are some drawbacks to it too, such as:

  • Heavy reliance on excessive water and fertilizer use
  • Energy & pollution from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers & other tools
  • Plus, in traditional – or conventional landscaping – soil can become compacted (meaning that gaps or crevasses in the soil are closed) so that rainwater doesn’t actually filter into the ground.

Rather, the rain sits on top of the soil, and then it washes away any fertilizers and other contaminants into a storm drain or sewer.

And where does that dirty water end up? Right: in our lakes, rivers and streams.

Fusion landscaping

Fusion landscaping puts a stop to the endless cycle of using unnecessary elements (like extra water or harmful fertilizers); only to have them wash away before your garden receives their full benefit.

Think about how much time you spend working and tending to your garden, only to not see it grow and thrive in the way you imagined?

You’re not doing anything wrong. Rather, your garden isn’t structured to fully take advantage of everything you’re providing for it.

With fusion landscaping, you’ll create a modern and beautiful garden which is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to take care of (in regards to pests and weeds)
  • Saves time, energy, water (and money)
  • Before you dig, sketch out your fusion landscaping planHOW TO BEGIN YOUR FUSION LANDSCAPING PROJECT
  • Before you dig up your garden, you first need to understand what’s there and how it grows before deciding what you want to plant.

That way, you’ll have a better chance for success with your fusion gardening landscape project.

Look at your lawn and garden
Imagine your ideal garden. Good. Now look around your current outdoor space and answer these questions:

  • How do sun, shade, wind and snow impact my home and garden?
  • Which areas are most impacted by the elements?
  • Does water collect in a particular location during heavy rainfall?
  • Is there a slope that gets very wet (or dry)?
  • Is the soil hard or soft?
  • Needs and wants

The age-old conflict of needs vs. wants comes to life in fusion landscaping. Think about if you want – or need – the following:

  • Composters or rain barrels
  • Garden shed or storage area
  • Kids’ play area
  • Dedicated BBQ or outdoor cooking area
  • Vegetable garden
  • Sketch it out

Once you know your garden area – and the elements you want to include – sketch out your ideas and where you’d like things to go.

Choose your plants
Your best option for fusion gardening is to forgo annuals and select other types of plants, such as:

  • Bulbs, which can add a splash of colour to your garden
  • Perennials which will return year-after-year
  • Shrubs which can create natural borders in your garden
  • Trees that will provide eco-friendly source of shade

Fusion landscaping is somewhat new, but we’ve been doing it for years at Cedargate Landscaping.

It’s all about using your property to plant the right garden for you and then augmenting it with hardscapes and other features.

With fusion landscaping, you can transform your garden into a cutting-edge outdoor space that’s both modern and beautiful.

And we can help make it happen.

Request your free consultation and one of our garden experts will be in touch to discuss how you can turn your garden into a fusion landscape paradise.

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