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Canada is celebrating its 148th birthday on July 1.

And here at Cedargate Landscaping, we hope that you can enjoy the holiday, whether you’re celebrating with family and friends, taking it easy and relaxing (hey, you deserve it) or if you’re outside working on your landscaping.

Since Canada Day is all about this great big country of ours (9,984,670 km2 to be exact), we wanted to focus on some amazing reasons why Canada is….well, amazing!

So enjoy reading our little list here. More importantly, have a safe and happy Canada Day!


Since we’re a landscape services company, it makes sense for us to focus on the landscaping and scenery that Canada has to offer.

It’s quite incredible, actually.

Anyone who’s had the opportunity to travel throughout Canada are no doubt impressed by, well, take your pick:

  • Beautiful trees, forests and Pacific living out west
  • The stunning Rocky Mountains
  • Prairies which seem to run on forever and ever
  • The serene outdoors of Northern Ontario
  • The big cities of Southern Ontario and Quebec
  • Life by the water at the Maritimes
And of course, we can’t forget Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon too.

No matter where you go, the landscape and natural beauty of Canada is always on full display.


It’s on the flag. It can be found in buildings all over Canada (and around the world).

And homeowners all over plant them on their property.

Yes, we’re talking about maple trees and the maple leaf.

The maple leaf is both beautiful and comforting, actually. It’s unique shape and design gives it an elegant, delicate look.

And especially for any Canadian who’s traveling abroad, there’s nothing quite like seeing the maple leaf on a flag, building or backpack.

We also understand that – in autumn, when maple leaves fall to the ground – it can be somewhat of a nuisance to rake them all up from the front yard.

But that’s okay, because there’s nothing like seeing a cavalcade of colourful maple leaves.


Canada rocks when it comes to great inventions that are enjoyed all over the world.

Here are just a few of them that we can’t imagine living without.

And maybe you can’t either:

  • Snow Blower: Well, of course this would be invented in Canada.
  • Telephone: The world’s first phone call was made in Canada (Brantford, actually) on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Insulin: Millions of diabetics now enjoy a great quality of life thanks to this Canadian medical marvel
  • Alkaline Batteries: The batteries which power your flashlight or TV remote control were developed in Canada

For these (and many more) awesome inventions, the world can thank Canada.


Canada is a great country. And Canadians (just like you) are great people.

And really, nothing more needs to be said on that.


At Cedargate Landscaping, we’re proud to call Canada home.

We’re also proud to provide Oakville, Mississauga, Georgetown and Milton – right here in Ontario – with professional landscape design services augmented by a commitment to service.

When it comes to your landscape service needs – we hope you think of us first.

But before that, we want to wish you a great Canada Day!

Team Cedargate
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