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Spring brings warmer weather, longer days and more time spent outdoors.

And mosquitoes. Lots and lots of mosquitoes.

If you want to keep them away without reaching for DEET-filled bug spray, try these natural solutions.


Myth: Cedars attract, not repel mosquitoes

Fact: It’s the environment where cedars grow (wet, marshy areas) which attract bugs, not the trees themselves.

Cedar trees and cedar chips contain oils which mosquitoes find offensive. Bugs won’t necessarily be hanging out in the trees themselves.

Where they do hang out is in the moist, shady water which cedars need to grow and thrive.

Therefore, your best bet for effective cedar tree and shrub installation is to plant them away from interlocking patios or other sitting areas.



Okay, a bat box or bat house may sound scary. But when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away, bats are your best friend.

A single bat can eat up to 1200 mosquitoes per hour and 8000 per night.

Just imagine sitting on your porch with 8000 bugs flying all around you.

Not very comfortable, is it?

Now, you’re probably thinking that having bats nearby is just asking for trouble. The reality is that:

  • Bats do not attack people (when they fly towards you, they’re actually zoning in on nearby bugs)
  • Less than 1% of bats contract rabies
  • They have no interest in intentionally getting tangled in your hair

Having a bat box is a cool backyard feature which not everyone has.

Better yet, it’s a safe and natural way to keep annoying mosquitoes off of you.


Why not make your garden beautiful and a mosquito-free zone with some plants you can grow in your own garden landscape design.


  • Commonly found in most bug sprays
  • Grows to between 5’-6’ in height
  • Can be planted directly in the ground

When looking for citronella plants, you may come across some products which are labeled as “citronella-scented.”

Those won’t be as effective as the plant’s true varieties, Cybopogon nardus and Citronella winterianus.


  • Has a strong, citronella-like smell that repels mosquitoes
  • Grows fast in the shade and can handle long dry periods
  • Can be planted in sandy and/or salty soils

Many people first plant horsemint indoors (in a pot or planter) and then transplanted it outdoors.

And while horsemint keeps mosquitoes away, its flowers will attract beautiful butterflies.


  • Contains Pyrethrum, an ingredient in many bug sprays
  • Can be planted from seed or as a small starter plant
  • Thrives in sunlight and rich topsoil

Marigolds are best placed near any entrances to your home from your backyard landscaping.

The smell will convince them to turn away from the plant.

Have tomato plants in your small yard landscaping? Plant marigolds among them for added protection against bugs.



  • Flying insects are attracting to light. If you have landscape lighting in your backyard, position it away from your entertaining or sitting areas (just make sure it still provides adequate light).
  • If you aren’t interested in using citronella plants, use citronella candles instead. Place them in key areas of your landscaping (just make sure to use proper fire safety when doing do).
  • Don’t drink alcohol outdoors. When you drink, your skin becomes flush (and to mosquitoes, it looks and smells delicious). The more you consume, the more bugs will be attracted to you.


There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in your backyard landscaping and futilely swatting mosquitoes away.

Instead, transform your garden into a mosquito-free getaway where you can fully enjoy the outdoors.

At Cedargate Landscaping, we hate mosquitoes just as much as you do.

That’s why we’ll help you keep them away from your garden this year – and every year.

Your first step is to request a FREE consultation today.

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