5 Benefits of an Organic Vegetable Garden

by | Jul 5, 2012

Summer is here and you are probably happy to be gardening again. Consider an organic vegetable garden this season. There are a number of reasons that an organic vegetable garden is a great idea for your family.

1. Healthy – organic produce is a healthy option for your family. Without the use of pesticides and insecticides you can rest assured the food you are eating is chemical-free and completely safe

2. Environmentally Friendly – consuming locally grown food reduces the amount of energy and gas used in the process of getting the produce to your table and keeping it fresh

3. Affordable – fresh produce, especially organic produce is expensive. When you grow it yourself you save a lot of money

4. Convenient – nothing is more convenient than going into the garden to pick the ingredients you need

5. Tastes Better – let’s face it fresh, organic produce from your garden just tastes better!

Of course, one of the problems with growing an organic vegetable garden is keeping pests away from your yummy produce without using a pesticide or insecticide. Read June’s blog for some great organic insecticide recipes that are sure to keep insects and rabbits from munching on your food.

Contact Cedargate Landscaping to learn more about designing and planting an organic vegetable garden. Or, consult our Plant Guide for help choosing the right vegetables for your garden.

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