We are writing this letter to strongly suggest that the firm of Cedargate Landscaping Inc. is your best bet in whatever project you desire to do for your property. From design to installation and completion they are a great firm to work with.

Joanne Gallant is an excellent designer with a great vision and is more than willing to alter plans to keep the property owners desires incorporated while maintaining the overall balance of the design. She is a treat to work with, does not hesitate to offer opinions, and is not afraid to tell you if and why she might think an idea won’t work. It was a pleasure to go through the design process for our backyard with her.

Brian Gallant and his crew are, without a doubt, the hardest working group of individuals we have seen in any renovation process, and we have seen quite a few, having built one and having redone several homes. They were always willing to answer questions, they cleaned up the site EVERY SINGLE DAY, which was a treat and this site went on for several weeks. They showed up when expected, worked long hours and if were unable to be at the site for one reason or another, always took pains to explain when they would be back and why they were not there. The backyard makeover of our home was a backbreaking, dirty job and they worked hard at it, but were unfailingly pleasant and congenial to deal with. When changes were made or things didn’t go as planned, they were quite willing to do what was necessary to bring the plans to completion.

We are extremely happy with the result of the makeover of our backyard and DO NOT HESITATE to recommend Cedargate Landscapig to anyone interested in whatever size project they might desire to do. If you hire them, they will carry through the project to your complete satisfaction, whatever it takes.

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