Small Backyard Landscaping

Bring Privacy to Your Outdoor Space

Small Yard Landscaping

If you’re like many suburban homeowners, you feel like all of your neighbours have a clear view into your yard. Your backyard does not feel like a relaxing getaway from your crowded schedule.

You might also feel like your outdoor space is too small to invest in, but really, the addition of some thoughtful landscaping can give you both a private and functional space. You can expand your square footage and encouraging you to take advantage of your full property.

You might be surprised how much more use you get out of your outdoor space.

Make Your Small Space Useful

Small Yard Landscaping

There are many components we can introduce into a small project to make the space more functional.

Love entertaining? We can give you a beautiful stone or interlocking surface for dining.

Want to block out noise? Try lush shrubs, hedges and plants and a trickling water feature for a calming effect.

Can’t keep up with your high maintenance lawn? Let us fill your outdoor space with gardens and patio stones- no lawn mower needed.

Creative Designing is Where we Excel

And small backyard landscaping requires special design flair.

With artful design, your small outdoor space can have a great impact. You can have a space that your family will spend time in on a daily basis- not the one that you only visit to mow the lawn.

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