Swimming Pool Landscape Design

Bring the Cottage Experience to Your Backyard

Pool Landscaping natural stoneYou shouldn’t feel like you’re in a fishbowl when lounging by the pool in your own backyard.

Our creative design will give you a calming & serene outdoor space to turn to- no drive to the cottage or beach required. You deserve to use your property to unwind and relax- for fun with your family and friends.

View GalleryYou may be surprised how your outdoor space can be taken from blasé to brilliant in little time.

View our gallery to explore our past projects.

What Your Landscape Can Include

Pool Landscaping designThe key to creating a natural oasis in your backyard is ensuring all of your elements work together to integrate your pool in organically.

Natural looking stone pool coping & patios in man-made pavers or flagstone can provide a resilient and gorgeous surface surrounding your main feature. These materials bring a touch of elegance that goes beyond a predictable poured concrete surface, while providing the same durability.

Stone waterfalls take your at-home getaway to the next level. We can build them so that they cascade into your pool, creating soothing sounds of running water and giving an inspiring, natural impression.

Lush gardens will bring privacy to your space, making it feel like a vacation property.

Winding walkways will lead your family and visitors into your striking outdoor space.

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