5 Ways Landscaping Can Increase Your Home Value

Landscaping is one of the most important and efficient methods to increase your home’s value. Not only will proper, professional landscaping increase your home’s value, it is also great for the environment and has been shown to improve your health, too! So whether you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, or keeping […]

5 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Yard

Your home is your sanctuary and your backyard is a place where you can escape from the outside world. Many homeowners use their outdoor spaces as extensions of their living space, by building and installing porches, decks, landscaping designs, pools, and more. But what happens when you’re trying to relax on your patio and your […]

What’s All the Buzz About Bees?

To put it bluntly: Without bees, there would be no food. Bees are the foundation of the human food chain, and despite their seemingly scary outward appearance, these little insects are the backbone of a huge majority of our food production. Fruits? Vegetables? Nuts? Flowers? All thanks to bees. Learn all about bees in this […]

Grow a Beautiful Kitchen Garden in Your Backyard

Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home is a great way to spend time with your family, soak up the sunshine, and produce your own food. And learning what to plant in a garden and how to tend them for the best harvest is easier than you think. Read on for our best […]

Landscape Lighting in the Garden

Are you getting ready to take your Christmas lights down and put them away for another year? At Cedargate Landscaping, we love holiday lights as much as anyone. We also think landscape lighting in the garden is a great way to brighten up your property all year long (without having to worry about bringing them inside). […]

Holiday Greetings from Cedargate Landscaping

A few seasonal messages from Cedargate Landscaping: Have a wonderful Christmas with your family this holiday season. However or wherever you plan on spending the holidays, we hope it’s full of joy and happiness. Thank you for making 2015 our most successful year to date. It’s our pleasure to provide landscape services to all our […]

Happy Labour Day from Cedargate Landscaping

From all of us here at Cedargate Landscaping we want to wish you a happy Labour Day long weekend. In Canada, the Labour Day holiday as we know it came into effect in 1894, when working class citizens took to the streets of Toronto to propose the “eight hour movement”, which mandated: 8 hours/day for […]

Porch Resurfacing: This Summer’s Hottest Landscape Trend

It started out with one person asking about porch resurfacing. Then another. And another. Soon, a flood of customers were contacting us or visiting us, looking for information recovering or resurfacing their porch. Finally, we had to investigate it – and to discover why it’s suddenly become this summer’s hottest outdoor landscape design idea. Why […]

Happy Canada Day from Cedargate Landscaping

Canada is celebrating its 148th birthday on July 1. And here at Cedargate Landscaping, we hope that you can enjoy the holiday, whether you’re celebrating with family and friends, taking it easy and relaxing (hey, you deserve it) or if you’re outside working on your landscaping. Since Canada Day is all about this great big […]

Outdoor Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Before you head out to the department store to go Father’s Day shopping, ask yourself this: Does Dad really need another necktie? Or another bottle of cologne? Or another pair of socks? If Dad loves being outside – either working in the garden or simply resting and relaxing – then why not give him outdoor […]

Have You Heard of Fusion Landscaping?

Fusion landscaping. The name itself just sounds super-cool. And in reality, fusion landscaping is super-cool. Fusion landscaping is all about taking traditional approaches, like… Planting colourful plants and flowers Enhancing your garden with lush foliage Organizing your garden layout …and fusing them with a modern and innovative design to create a unique landscape design of […]

Grading and Drainage

When most people decide to undertake a landscape design project, they usually think about the bright colours that their new garden will feature. Or they think about the new interlocking patio they’ll get to enjoy. Perhaps they’ll imagine a completely transformed garden or a brand new swimming pool of their very own. These are all […]

The health benefits of green spaces

Moving to a new neighborhood? Researchers say go green. Numerous studies suggest green spaces – also referred to as “open space” or “urban greenery” – not only add to an area’s aesthetic appeal, they are also good for your health. In a 2014 study, UK researchers from University of Exeter Medical School compared the health […]

Why Trust Is So Important To Us

Earning your trust is important to us. Keeping it is just as important, too. We don’t want to be your landscape service partner for just one project. We want to work with you through multiple landscape design initiatives over many years – and potentially across many homes too. In order to do that, establishing trust […]

Container gardening – what you need to know

Indoor gardening can involve anything from elaborate growing walls to a few simple plants. In southwestern Ontario, bringing the outdoors inside can allow you to extend the growing season. While the outdoors are covered in snow, you can enjoy beautiful flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other plants in your home. Even if you have a postage-stamp-sized […]