Container gardening – what you need to know

Indoor gardening can involve anything from elaborate growing walls to a few simple plants. In southwestern Ontario, bringing the outdoors inside can allow you to extend the growing season. While the outdoors are covered in snow, you can enjoy beautiful flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other plants in your home. Even if you have a postage-stamp-sized…[ Read more » ]

Wood garden features can warm up your property this winter

There are many landscape designs and fixtures you can install in your yard to set your home apart from neighboring properties. Unfortunately, once winter begins and the snow starts falling those features get covered up and your yard looses it’s natural beauty and visual impact. Luckily, there are some outdoor installations that provide a visual…[ Read more » ]

Landscaping trends you need to jump on in 2015

Even though your landscaping might still be under snow, it’s never too early for you to get your 2015 landscaping planning underway. As you think more about changes that you would like to make, here are the top six trends in landscaping for 2015 that you can easily incorporate into your landscape design. Native Plants. Increasingly landscaping…[ Read more » ]

Why You Should Research Your Landscaper: Ignorance is Not Bliss!

Landscape nightmares do exist. Perhaps you have seen them for yourself or you have heard about them through acquaintances; whichever way you have come to know about theses horror stories, you need to make sure that they don’t happen to you. Whether you are planning to improve your landscaping for aesthetic reasons or if you…[ Read more » ]

A Big Win for Cedargate!

We don’t normally sing our own praises… But when the largest horticultural organization in the world, Landscape Ontario, announced Cedargate would receive an Award of Excellence for our gorgeous new website, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Only a handful of websites from the industry are chosen to receive this award, and the judging is hotly contested….[ Read more » ]

How to Build an Outdoor Skating Rink in Your Yard

It can be tough to think about your healthy green lawn getting beat down by the cold and wet snow. It can be tough, too, to remember that, amidst the snow, wind and constant cold, there are actually quite a few fun winter activities, like snowball fights, tobogganing, skiing or snowboarding, and, of course, the…[ Read more » ]

Preparing Your Property for a Long Winter

It may be cold, it may be wet, it may make it impossible to sit outside and enjoy some quiet contemplation or backyard barbecues, but winter still has its moments of beauty – and your outdoor landscape lighting can help enhance that. Upgrading your landscape lighting should be done with a degree of care and caution, and a professional…[ Read more » ]

Should You Get Your Garden Ready for Winter?

Nobody likes to face the fact that summer has pretty much come to an end. Once we get an initial taste of those seemingly endless hours of sunlight, those lazy days on the beach and calm nights in the backyard, we hope it’ll stick around forever – but at some point we need to put…[ Read more » ]

Plant Now and Create a Fall Vegetable Garden

Many people think of summer as the prime – often only – time for any form of gardening. It’s not difficult to see why – sun hats, gardening gloves and the roster of tools used for digging and planting are usually associated immediately with the months of June – August, not a day before or…[ Read more » ]

Considerations for a Wet Lawn

In early spring, lawns and planting beds are often wet from snow melt and spring thaw. After a particularly wet winter, you may be wondering what to do with a waterlogged lawn that now seems more like a swamp than the green expanse of turf it’s supposed to be. Here are some ideas for managing…[ Read more » ]

Spring Cleaning for Your Garden

Spring is the best time to do maintenance and cleanup work on your garden and home landscape. After a long winter indoors, you’re probably ready and willing to spend time outdoors in the sun doing a few basic garden chores. Here is a guide for spring cleaning your garden to help it recover from winter…[ Read more » ]

Why Mulching Your Garden is Important

Mulch is one of the best gifts you can give your garden. A well mulched garden will have happier, healthier plants and will save you time and money. Almost any organic material can work as mulch, but shredded hardwood bark, pine bark or pine straw are the best and most readily available options. Here are…[ Read more » ]

3 Tips to help You Save Water in Your Garden

Even though it might be hard to believe it right now while you’re staring out at all that white stuff, water is a scarce and valuable resource. Though clean water is much harder to come by in some parts of the world than here in Ontario, it still makes sense to conserve water whenever possible….[ Read more » ]

The Surprising 4 Factors That can Inflate the Cost of Your Landscape Project

There are a handful of factors that consistently lead to homeowners experiencing higher landscaping costs than they anticipated- some are beyond their control, and some are manageable. Here are the top 4 factors that can increase your landscaping costs, and how to best conquer them, if possible: 1. Slope and Elevation Every property is unique….[ Read more » ]

Invest in Your Backyard to Create a Weekend Getaway

When the weekend comes, would you rather spend Friday evening stuck in stop-and-go traffic for hours until you finally arrive at a remote cabin or simply walk into your backyard, which has been transformed into a comfortable retreat designed to ease your stress and lure you into a state of relaxation? While many people feel…[ Read more » ]

Fall Lawn Care Tips to Set You up for a Better Spring

Fall lawn care is a mystery for many. So many homeowners give up when the weather gets slightly cooler, but continuing good habits into the fall will allow you to work less through the following spring and summer. Investing a small amount of time to complete a few basic tasks will pay off with big…[ Read more » ]

Fall Pruning Guide: When to Trim Trees & How to Prune Shrubs

Getting the timing for when to complete fall pruning and tree trimming, and learning the proper ways of how to prune shrubs can make a big difference in the look of your garden, without any additional effort. Why Prune? If your favourite ornamental trees and shrubs don’t seem to be flowering like they used to,…[ Read more » ]

Patio Maintenance Tasks to do Today

Do these patio maintenance tasks today, before the winter sets in, and extend the lifetime of your investment. A well constructed patio should be a durable and attractive feature in your landscape that will last for years, if not decades. Though they need very little maintenance, there are a few simple things you can do…[ Read more » ]

A Patio Builders Planning Tip Sheet

As a company in the business of building patios for people all around the Oakville, Ontario area we have found a few simple design tips that should work for anyone as they plan their patio. Following a few of these should help turn those ideas into something solid you can present at one of our…[ Read more » ]